St Paul's Church, Penketh. Rebuilding in progress....

This is my photo record of the rebuild project.
I am hoping to visit regularly to take photos of progress.
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Monday, September 26th

Called at the site to take some photos of the old building before it is demolished.

This week they are mostly stripping out inside the building. Actually demolishing is expected to start next Monday.

View from car park.

Front view.

View of West end of building.

View along front with portacabins in the
car park. Wire mesh fencing all round.

Interior from entrance.

Interior from Audio Box.

Interior from Office doorway.

The Office looking towards the door.

The office cupboard, no robes here....

The Creche.

The Creche Cupboard.

The Kitchen.

The Kitchen.

Toilets and cleaners cupboard.

Narthex and Storeroom.

The building fund is currently well below the amount needed to complete the building. The money we currently have will only suffice to complete the shell of the building.
In order to fit out the interior we need a lot more money. If you would like to make a donation towards this, then please click this link. Thank you!

We have recently received a number of donations which are much appreciated. If one was from you, then we are deeply grateful. Thank you very much!