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OK, so I'm the world's worst finisher of projects! I've more or less abandoned the project to build a Sweet Pea from scratch, the main reason being the size and weight. I'm currently looking after another Sweet Pea, and finding the transport to be a major headache, to say nothing of a backache.

When Henry, our club president, turned up with a really nice little saddle tank loco that he'd designed and built, which weighed in at only 60-odd pounds, I was very tempted but resisted for a couple of weeks. Then we pursuaded Henry that he ought to publish the design and I rashly volunteered to type up the write-up and redo the drawing with CAD. The next thing Henry kept asking when was I going to start building the second edition? When he presented me with two slabs of mild steel for the frames, how could I refuse?

I spent a while taking photos, mostly close-ups, mostly blurred, of Emma Victoria, which is Henry's engine. I've selected three of the better shots to give you an idea of what I'm aiming at:

Side view of Loco Side view of the loco. Emma and Victoria are Henry's grand-daughters.
Three-quarter view Three-quarter view of the loco.
View inside Cab View inside the cab

The write-up is coming along slowly, and the drawings likewise. To add to the material I decided to take as many photos of the construction that I could. In order to let folks see what's going on, I've now decided to put the photos and my personal notes on the web. This can then act as a supplement to the write-up, when it eventually gets published.

In the list below, the dates are the starting date for each item.

Project Log Book

17th August, 2006Side Frames
21st August, 2006Frame Stays
26th August, 2006 Buffer Beam Brackets
26th August, 2006Horn Plates
28th August, 2006 Foul-up #1
2nd September, 2006 Rivetting the Horn Plates
11th September, 2006 Buffer Beams
7th October, 2006 Buffers
16th August, 2007 Wheels

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