Elliott 803 Simulator - General Handling Instructions

First a general word; the 803 Simulator has several components - the Keyboard which is a general control panel, the tape reader, tape punch, console printer, digital plotter and last, not strictly a part of the 803, but an essential feature, a paper-tape editor which consisted of a Creed teleprinter with tape reader and tape punch. This allows you to prepare your programs, and to print off output which has been punched onto paper tape. The various components are selected by clicking on the tabs displayed across the top of the applet. Note that the tape punch and plotter have yet to be implemented and will appear as a blank screen for the moment.

On startup, the simulator should display the 803 keyboard. This is the main control area. Before you do anything else, you must switch on the computer. To do this you first power up the battery; Yes, it is battery powered! Press the Battery On button (top centre), then press the Computer On button (further to the right). At this point the computer should whirr into life and the light above the control panel will come on.

The next step is to load a tape (or tapes) into the system, so click on the "Tape Reader" tab to switch the view to the tape reader. On this view, you see the reader and a filing cabinet which holds the paper tapes. Click on the drawer front to 'open' a drawer, then again to close it.

Within each draw there are a collection of Tape Boxes, each labelled along the top. If you click on the box label, the box is 'opened' revealing any tapes contained in that box. Again, clicking on the box label again will close it.

If you right-click on a tape, a small white rectangle should appear with the tape name in it. Click a second time to remove this label. A left-click on a tape will transfer the tape into your hand. In earlier versions of the simulator I was able to modify the mouse pointer to display a pointing hand, or a hand holding a small tape, but this doesn't appear to be supported under Microsoft, so I had to remove the code - the program failed to start up as it was. Instead I display a message at top right indicating 'hand empty' or 'holding tape'. Not as nice, but until I can find a better way it will have to do.

Once in your hand, the tape can be transfered to other views, and put down at certain places. The first place is obviously the tape reader. Move to the black bar on the front of the tape reader, click and the tape should now appear, loaded into the reader.

To finish, you should really switch off the computer by returning to the keyboard, and press "Computer Off", then "Battery Off".

The next step in learnign how to use the machine is to load a program into memory and run it. This is described on the next page.

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