Elliott 803 Simulator

Warning: this is still under development, some bits are incomplete, and I can take no responsibility for any damage caused by attempting to run this simulator

New!! (15th December)

I have been experimenting with ideas to allow the users to create and import their own files into the simulator, but have not been able to get around the Java restrictions. After trying various ideas, the only thing I have been able to come up with is for you to download the present version (minor improvements over the previous one) and install it on your own machine. This will allow you to add additional source tapes using an editor such as wordpad. See the download page for more details on this.

I have corrected a few minor bugs and have added the ability to label tapes. This is primarily useful if you intend to save tapes, but as I haven't come up with a way to do this, it's somewhat irrelevant at present. If you want to try it, first right-click on a tape in a box or on one of the white square areas. This will tell you what the current name of the tape is. A second click will remove the label. Now pick up the tape by left-clicking on it. The text at top right of the screen should say 'Holding a tape'. Now click on a pencil. These are located on the Editor screen and on the Punch screen. Since these are the places where tapes can be produced it seems logical to provide the pencils there. When you do, a white window will pop up in the centre of the screen, and this displays the current name of the tape. For newly created tapes this is set to ''. Get rid of the current name by pressing the Esc key, then you can type in the new name, finishing with the return key. While in labelling mode, mouse-clicks are ignored, so stick to the keyboard. You can use the backspace key to delete mis-typed characters. Only letters, digits, '.' and '_' are allowed in tape names. When you press the return key, the window will disappear and the tape should now have the name you typed in.

That's all for this release.

New!! (29th November)

In this revised release I have made a few minor improvements. The switch on the tape reader now works (although it will still read if switched off!). The simulator also now comes with 803 Algol pre-loaded (though it does take a little longer to start as the core image has to be downloaded first). This saves the time taken to load from paper tape, which is tedious. If you press the browser 'reload' button, then the simulator is restarted and will reload the core image. Unfortunately, you also lose any user files you have created :-(

The revised version also has implemented the paper tape punch, so your programs can output to paper tape. I still have to provide facilities for labelling tapes, so that you can distinguish one from another.

Operating Instructions

The following links will display the relevant pages in a new window, this avoids restarting the simulator if you need to refer to the information therein. Restarting the simulator causes any setting up actions, including preparing a program tape, to be lost.

Taking it further

This simulator is hampered by the Java/Browser restrictions, which prevent you from loading or saving work to disk. If you have the Sun Java Run-Time system (JRE) on your machine, or are prepared to down-load and install it on your machine, I have an 'application' version, which will soon allow you to do this. If you are seriously interested in writing and running your own programs, in either Algol or 803 Machine Code, then I would recommend you take this option. Contact me (bil 'AT' beeb.net) for further details.

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