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EDSAC Rebuild Project - Documentation

This is a repository of information relating to the EDSAC Replica Project. It started out as a personal collection of bits and pieces, but is now being reconstructed as a central repository of information about the rebuild.

Project volunteers are encouraged to register and maintain information about those parts of the replica with which they are concerned. Visitors are welcome to browse the information contained here, but should be aware that it is in flux and will change from day to day as we understand more about the machine.

Original Documentation

I have re-typed the original Cambridge Edsac Report and produced an HTML version. I am considering re-writing this in the light of present-day understanding and as documentation for the replica.

Logic Reconstruction

Before we could commence work on building the replica machine, we had to reconstruct the logic from the material available. Details of this are here.

The Replica

The replica machine is being constructed at The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park. The Project is now well under way and progressing well. We hope to have a working machine by the end of 2017, though the project may well continue beyond that as we wish to develop the machine as an educational exhibit so additional facilities will be provided.

Details of the machine will be maintained here.

At the moment these pages are under construction and information is incomplete, and in some cases, possibly wrong. We hope to bring the contents up-to-date as soon as possible, and to maintain it as closely as we can. A Brief Guide to the Documentation is worth a look before you dive in.

A list of links to the various documents related to the project is stored on this server, and can be viewed here.

To view the gallery of volunteers click here.

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