St Paul's Church, Penketh. Rebuilding in progress....

This is my photo record of the rebuild project.
I am hoping to visit regularly to take photos of progress.
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Wednesday, 17th May, 2017

Progress on the car park, most of the rubble has been shifted, just a bit more levelling to do. Hardcore should come tomorrow, then tarmac next week.

Landscaping of the garden areas making progress - rubble removed and soil being levelled.

Handrails have been installed on the pedestrian entrance.

Car park mostly levelled, rubble gone.

Paving along side of car park nearly complete.

Garden area at rear cleaned up and levelled.

Garden down West side cleaned up.

Handrails installed at front entrance.

Stainless steel, very smart!

The building fund is growing, but slowly. We have received promised grants, but still need quite a bit more to fund completion. We have do have enough money to make a start on the fitting out process, but it will only cover part of the job. The sooner we have the money the sooner we will be able to complete the building and start making use of it.

If you would like to make a donation towards this, then please click this link. Thank you!

We have recently received a number of donations which are much appreciated. If one was from you, then we are deeply grateful. Thank you very much!