EDSAC Rebuild Project - Logic Reconstruction - CmpCol

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The Complementer/Collater/Distribution Unit III is a composite module. It serves a number of functions, it complements the number from the Multiplicand for the subtract instruction and for subtraction of partial products in multiplies. It also acts to collate the Multiplicand with the Multiplier for the collate instruction (C).

If none of these are required, then it acts to delay the number from the Multiplicand to ensure that the output reaches the adder at the same time as it would have done if it were being complemented.

A further function is to add in any additional ones that have been generated by various parts of the CCU, for example when shifting right, or rounding.

This module is basically that shown in Figure 12 of the Report, but with a lot of additional delays to align pulses and to ensure that the output is in step with that from the Accumulator Shifting Unit as it goes into the Adder.