EDSAC Rebuild Project - Logic Reconstruction - SCT

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Transfer Unit

Sequence Control Tank

The SCT is another short (18 bit) mercury tank. It contains the current instruction address. The surrounding logic includes a half-adder so that the increment pulses SCTOne can be added to the current value on receipt of an End Pulse EP.

The output from the tank is gated out as Order during Stage 1 processing. This goes to the Coincidence Unit to select the current instruction from the memory.

At the beginning and end of the startup, the signal IIClr- falls to close off the recirculation and set the SCT to zero.

During conditional jumps, when the test is true, then the MCU will raise the SCTIG signal, and lowers the SCTCG signal. This enable the contents of the Order Tank to be gated in to replace the existing value.

The signal SCT~ is provided for monitoring the simulation. It should be implemented as a test point only.

This unit is another case where we have had to devise the logic based on a brief textual description. The only problems were in ensuring that the timings are correct.